Artfully Explicit


Place your curser over these words...

Pose for me...become my inspiration.

Self taught photographic artist, specializing in fine art and artistic nude photography. Owned and operated by Bruce Goodrich. Located in Hickory, NC.

All nude work has a concept. It shares a thought, feeling, or concept specific to myself or the client. All nude work is done in an artistic manner. "I just want to make something beautiful...even if nobody cares."
Evoke an emotion, the goal to all my images.

I work with a muse for many of my images. She is the cover photo, the body that I use to represent the beauty.

Private sessions available.

Any model I have worked with on a professional basis, either through sites like MM, or portfolio building, I would highly recommend. I have had the pleasure to work with many, and continue to do so. If you are in need of a detailed reference, feel free to contact me.

Visit my portraiture work, Artful Expressions @

CONTACT INFO : or 828-485-6412.